updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

The Government is taking agood action

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The new government  has  maintainted  its  efforts  to develop  the country

since  the  newly elected part has  won in the presidency of the  somaliland,

anew change  has takenplace  which is  made by kulmiye part. millions of-

different parts of the people  in all  somali speaking countries  see  and -

beleive  that  the newly elected government fulfiled many physically  and-

clear  activities with in short time , such  as , good governance which  is-

engineered by president mr ahmed mahamed  mohamud (siilanyo) and -

his minsters.  also he has taken full dection to fight against the corruption.

these two articles and  many others have acttracted the eyes  of the  -

international community and also many somaliland educaters  who majored-

in the flied of the public adminstration and political science. finally

i would advise to encourage the out going development  and the -

prosses  of the government. to reach  the finall goals and vision s .

i want to acknowlege  the all website  editors and  journalists

yours-   Saledhiidhiebaan  Mohamud

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