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Mr. Siilanyo,Let the Youth Serve Their Motherland Not Octogenerians Like You.!!

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This is exactly where the irony lies, our own government has been recycling wazees for ages in both civil service and parastatals till the youth cannot take it anymore.
Just take a look at the heads of parastatals, senior civil service positions. What do you expect from a youth who finished college 5-10 years, unemployed still watches his most energetic days pass by as say a many youths in greying years is recyled from one job to another; to wait until the man dies before he can get a job?

If Ahmed Siilanyo had passed his date for civil service employment which is at 62 now as most PSs and othe senior civil servants have yet the youth as these same people who have worked, and possible ruined our country in the process are recyled year in year out, you ask the youth to sit by and not feel frustrated and they sit back not any more?

I strongly disliked Mr.Siilaanyo his leadership,I refuse to agree that the youth should wait patiently for such octogenerians to leave the field or office. There are many middle aged and young Somaliland who can do what the Siilaanyo, Gaboose, Mahamed Hashi, Saylici and so many other octogenerians, etc are doing now and do it even better.Take a look at the private sector where CEOs are in their 19s-50s and see what is going on there, especially companies, it is efficiency and competence, Dahab-Shiil,and other private companies is an example and so are many others like Telosom, and so many other private companies.

Some of these octogenerians have been in public service from pre independence and some of us were born and started hearing these names in Primary as this and that, now, when appoitments are made today, you still hear that the "new this and that" is Cigaal or Siilaanyo or yet another of this calibre, surely, is it a public and civil service of "octogeneriachy “if there is such a word!!.

After all, they have had a chance, let other Somalilanders who haven't also get a chance to serve their motherland when still energetic. I am rooting for the middle aged and youth to take over leadership. Just imagine Siilanyo being brough back again after the Mr. old has effectively retired them as the "new this or that" to be Director of something, Head of Parastatal, etc????? .

This is what some are saying, give equal chances to all Somalia and some of these people have had more than their fair share as it is.

Amiin D. Caynaanshe





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