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What if Anders Behring Breivik had been a Muslim?

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Can you imagine if the confessed Norway mass murderer was a Muslim or an Arab?

When the terror was unfolding in the peaceful European nation of Norway, the so-called terror experts were dispatched to the television screens in no time.

They were fuming with rage and hatred, as if they were angry dragons breathing out flames of fire.

These so-called "experts" were boasting how Islamists were taking over Europe and North America and how evil Muslims were.

Few hours later, these experts were so embarrassed and humiliated. They had to leave the stage discreetly and quietly after it was discovered that the alleged murderer was a follower of right- wing Christian extremists.

The rhetoric had disappeared all of a sudden.

There have never been demands to have the Church of England or the Vatican issue statements of denunciation, even though the Vatican did issue a statement declaring the killings to be an offence against God.

The religion of the suspect was not an issue anymore. It has become about the "Norway mass killer" and not a Christian fundamentalist.

If he was a Muslim, the situation would have been quite different. There likely would have never been the need to conduct mental assessment on the suspect.

Have psychiatric assessments been done on Muslim terror suspects to examine their mental status?

The media, before anyone else, indict them to be "guilty beyond reasonable doubt."

Anger and emotion would have been running high had Breivik been a follower of the Islamic faith. There would have been a lot of sensation and hysteria associated with the media coverage.

Emotion would have been controlling the masses including the so-called experts.

The religion of the confessed murderer would have been in the spotlight. The so-called terror experts would have found it easier to draw a link between the heinous act and the religion itself.

They would have been writing books by now and getting rich and famous due to the invitations they would have gotten to speak about the monstrous people called Muslims.

Subsequently, there would have been backlash against Muslims or anyone who looked like them.

Not only the suspect would have been on trial, the entire faith would have been dragged along with him to the witness box.

Community leaders would have been awake all night trying to come up with strong statements to denounce the barbaric action.

The media would have been visiting mosques and Islamic centres on Fridays to report if the imams were denouncing the act and how strong their statements were.

Even if the community leaders were crying when reading the statement of denunciation and even if imams were losing their voices because of yelling out loud that Islam had nothing with it, the media would have still found the statement to be not strong and not loud enough.

The trial underway in Norway is a wake up call to humanity at large. It is a wake up call to show that terrorism is not only a problem within the Muslim community.

There are mad men in every culture and community who some times take the law into their own hands.

We live in an era of extremism where humanity has lost its sense of direction.

You hear about extreme sports, extreme makeovers, extreme fitness and so on. Even politicians have gone wild these days and only those with extreme views are gaining momentum.

Muslims do indeed have mad men in their midst who sometimes act insane. So do Christians and other communities.

The ailment of extremism does not have colour or creed. It is has no boundaries.
Humanity needs to wake up and ask why things have gone out of control.

Abubakar Kasim is a freelance writer, Toronto, Canada.

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