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An Open Letter to President Siilaanyo by Abdirashid Yussuf

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BY Abdirashid Yussuf
I am no match for you to be sending this letter to you, your excellence. In fact a person of my age and experience elsewhere in the world stands

Dear President Silanyo,

I am no match for you to be sending this letter to you, your excellence. In fact a person of my age and experience elsewhere in the world stands no chance to do so, but coming from a society that has no grades and standards I believe it wouldn't violate any rules to be writing this to you. Besides, I represent a generation let down by your generation, and the generations after yours: a generation that will inherit the legacy that you leave behind.

My president please bear with me, and receive my apologies in advance if I harm your feelings in any way for it is not my intention to do so. I don't draw any pleasure from writing this to you. On the contrary, it is with much pain and frustration that I am writing this. I know it is hard for you to believe, but I spent many sleepless nights contemplating about an uncertain future for my people and woke up for classes fatigued.

You are our president, and we voted for you. You are our veteran, you fought for us. You are an economist, and an academician. And yes you have reclaimed our once misplaced independence. But hey, it is your people, your flesh and blood. You have done in the past what any other leader would have done and it would be the most absurd thing to do to thank you for all you have done.

We had many expectations when we voted for you, and yes your promises were many. My generation had many hopes. We thought that with you on the seat, our aspirations will finally be realized. We hoped for new libraries, we dreamed of finding jobs when we graduate, we thought we will not feel humiliated anymore and that we will finally compete with our peers!

But almost two years of your regime, and all you have done is reshuffling your cabinet a dozen times. Two years, and we are still as hopeless, and jobless. Two years and there is no prospect of a better tomorrow, two years and we are still fleeing our country and dying in the Atlantic for a quest of a better life. Worse of all, we are now fearing for the peace we once took for granted. Sorry to tell you, your excellence, but we feel betrayed, we feel biter and letdown.

 You have done a good job of proving how mysterious a politician you can be.  You have deluded everybody, you eluded the truth. Congratulations for successfully shunning the media that use to fight for you, for dismantling the opposition you once were, for making us feel insecure, for biting the hand that fed you, congratulations for a job well done!

But why have you done so, why you? Is that what veterans do, do academicians act like that, is that what democratically elected presidents do? What is it that you are trying to achieve? Is it true that you are revenging on the very people you fought for? Does it make sense that you are exchanging your seat for sheikh Sharif's seat, your country for 10 square kilometers of Mogadishu? Are you so naïve to think that you can wear out your people by trying to humiliate them day-in-day-out, would that make them so blind to join Somalia once more and at this time, and even so what bargaining power would that give you anyway? It fails my understanding, but for how long do you think you can divert our attention and paint us the sky?

Whatever the reason, know that you are making so grave a miscalculation. It is unfortunate to be telling you this, but your people are stronger than that. We outlasted tyrannies and dictators before and most certainly will not allow you to destroy our identity and hard-won liberty.

I have not expressed half of what I feel, but I will have to end there today. It is really hard to be optimistic, but we still have hope in you. We still call you our president, and you still have the chance to correct the mistakes and put the interest of your people first. I know it is hard, but it is possible to win our trust once more. And yes, you will definitely go down in history. And although everything you have done so far shows you will end up on the wrong side of history, I am sure you can prove many people wrong and leave a good legacy.
Abdirashid Yussuf
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