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Ottawa Siadist remnants in full fledged campaign to repeal article 6

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By Mahamoud Sougal

A group of Siadist remnants mainly hailing from Puntland are in a full fledged lobbying campaign drive to repeal

A group of  Siadist remnants mainly hailing from Puntland are in a full fledged lobbying campaign drive to repeal
the infamous article 6 of the London Conference. This group is meeting tomorrow, March 24, at Ridgemont High School, 2597
AltaVusta Drive, 1-5pm. Several Canadian MP are expected to attend the gathering.
The aim of this group is to persuade Canada to lobby the international community for the repealing of the article 6 of the London Conference. I have commented previously on the how article 6 sent shockwaves among Siadists.
(see Somaliland Haters Reeling As Article 6 Takes Center Stagehttp://somaliland24.com/?p=3432)
However, the Mogadishu native  and esteemed doctor Ciyo is setting up an alternative meeting on the same day and time at the meeting  room on the highrise located at the Heatherington and Albion intersection. Voicing the opinion  that the majority of Mogadishu resident welcome article 6 and have nothing against Somaliland going its separate way if this become the outcome of the upcoming Somaliland Somalia negociations.
Somalilanders in Ottawa are asked to come out massively tomorrowin brotherly support to Dr Ciyo initiative.On a
On a broader note, it is sad that a community organization, Somali Center, has become a clannish mafia hell bent of serving a specif tribe while getting public subsidies to serve Somali Canadian of all regional stripes. It is an open secret in Ottawa that when public servant ask for Somali Canadian for job placement in Ottawa, the fowarded names alare always closely related to one specific Somali region.
This clannish mafia, masquerading as patriotic group, was mum when Somali refugees were deported from Puntland and back to Southern Somalia. They were mum when people in Mogadishu were murdered by the Ethiopian tanks while Ottawa Somali Canadian took to the street to protest the genocide
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