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MR. Muse Biixi, I really understand that you are ready and planning on running for the presidency of somaliland come 2015. So, if that is correct I am sure that you know that you need the votes of many Somalilanders. So, to win their help and their votes you must come across as a somaliland who respects all Somalilanders. it is very important that everyone of us must turn ourselves inside out to find the great solutions that will move our country forward as individual, as family and as a nation.
You’re very emotional and easily get unreasoning angry with empty ego. When you are angry you say very nasty things that you probably regret latter on (or should regret). Somaliland people know you curse people out and call them all sorts of bad and ugly names. Honestly I am not sure what it makes you feel to curse people out. Let us know, does it make you feel powerful to curse people out; some say that such behavior makes them feel childish.
To being a human or enough man or being an adult is to know when to hold ones tongue and to control ones anger period. As you know your temper tantrums does not befit a man that I guess must be over fifty (?). Every one of us can understand a younger man in his twenties being temperamental and flying off the handle when he get mad and annoyed but such behavior is hardly expected from a middle aged and old man like you.
Mr. Musse Bixi do you really think that Somaliland or people for that matter would elect to the presidency a man who is easily to anger and curses people out like a immature or a sick person? If they did the nation would go to war every day from the president cursing out leaders of other nations, like Ethiopia, Djabouti, Yeman and they attacking the nation.
Other country People generally elect a calm headed wise man as their president. They want a leader who is very cool headed under pressure not one who upon the slightest irritation takes umbrage and verbally abuses every person in sight. So, what I advice you is find a position that is fit for you. As you know a good nation build a patient and long term vision and wise peoples commitment.
Mr. Musse, if you run for the Somaliland presidency I hope that you get more votes than dim Mohamed Hashi got, Two (2) votes in a country of over 8 million people! Amazing, and the man did not get it, did not understand how he was loathed by even his own people but kept fancying himself. Because we want to see ourselves as good people when we do bad things we cannot stand our behaviors. As we know employ ego and defense mechanisms to defend against the bad we do doesn’t take us any where. Take a moment and think twice about our country and find other positions which is suite fore you.
MR. Musse, our Somaliland journey from 1960 has been marked by hopeless and tears. You’re a witness, It has been an emotionally overwhelming experience. Honestly each one of us has lost a his family and loved one to poverty, hunger, ignorance, and disease. It is a true the number of graves is catching up with the number of our population. You agree with me it’s time to change our bad political culture. You agree with me it’s time for Somaliland intellectuals to cultivate an progressive movement active-positive that will change our peoples lives.
May God Pleased Somaliland
Maxamed-Amiin Dahir Caynaanshe
Columbus Oh