updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

Mohamed Morsi wins Egypt's presidential election.

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi wins for Egypt’s presidency elections in the second round of elections.

Mosrsi beats shafiq in presidantal runoff election,chairman of the election commission, Farouk Sultan, announced that Mr. Morsi had won 51.7 percent of the runoff vote completed last weekend. The other candidate, the former general Ahmed Shafik, won 48.3 percent.

Mohamed Morsi is the first democratically  elected civilian president of Egypt,.
president Morsi is an American-educated engineer who vowed to stand for democracy, women's rights and peaceful relations with Israel.
The military, which took over after Mubarak’s ouster, has pledged to hand over power to civilian rule by July 1. But on June 15, the country’s highest court dissolved the parliament, calling the law under which it had been elected unconstitutional.


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