updated 7:33 AM MST, Nov 17, 2017

Djibouti's President war against democracy


Guelleh has been referred to as a dictator, and his rule has been criticized for by some human rights .

Guelleh was born in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
In the late 1960s, Guelleh migrated to Djibouti before finishing high school. He later joined the police, becoming a junior non-commissioned officer. After Djibouti became independent, he became head of the secret police and chief of the cabinet in the government of his uncle Hassan Gouled Aptidon. He received training from the Somali National Security Service and then from the French Secret Service, and was intended to become his uncle's successor. "The key to Guelleh's success is the skillful way in which he has played the cards in his strong hand", according to PINR. "As the head of Djibouti's security agency under his uncle's regime, Guelleh gained an intimate knowledge of the country's political forces and has used it to practice a politics of divide and rule, supplemented by repression and intimidation when expedient.

Guelleh's regime, on occasion, has been accused of arbitrary detentions and torture of opposition members. Prior to April's 2011 elections, the government banned all demonstrations and arbitrarily arrested and prosecuted peaceful protesters and opposition leaders, according to Human Rights Watch. In general, Guelleh's regime is not accused of some of the more heinous human rights abuses of many of its neighbors, but Djibouti is in general believed to be host to a several kinds of human rights abuses, including: poor prison conditions; denial of fair public trial; interference with privacy rights; restrictions on freedoms of the press, assembly, and association; lack of protection for refugees; corruption; discrimination against women; female genital mutilation; discrimination against persons with disabilities; and restrictions on unions, according to the U.S. State Department.

The world can now see how he interfere in Somaliland Local elections

In this clip you can see the current MP of Somaliland "Ali Areye" who has a tribal connection threatening on record that he will use Djibouti Arms, Army and Ammunitions with the help of Ismail Omar Guelleh and start killing innocent people like Kenya event.
The response of Elders was switch and advise that democracy will prevail against dictatorship and warmongers