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P.S. Don't Forget About Somalia

Thymaya Payne

In 2009, as part of my research for my Somali pirate documentary, Stolen Seas, which is comes out in New York in one week and airs on DIRECTV the end of January, I traveled to a wasteland beyond my wildest nightmares: Dadaab refugee camp. I have been to some horrible places in my life, but this short trip to Dadaab continues to haunt me now three years later.




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Sun, sand and Somals by Henry A. Rayne

Sun, sand and Somals
leaves from the note-book of a district commissioner in British Somaliland.
Published 1921 by Witherby in London .
Written in English

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Is it the advent of a new era in Somalia?

 By Amb. Ufuk Gokcen

Last Tuesday, the new cabinet of Somalia was endorsed by the Parliament. The new and lean 10 Minister cabinet includes Somalia's first-ever woman Foreign Minister, Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji Adan. In addition to this novelty, it should be noted that she is from Somaliland. After officially being endorsed, the new Foreign Minister travelled to Djibouti to attend the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers. There, she was congratulated wholeheartedly by and got the full support of the participating Ministers and the OIC Secretary General.

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The Gadabursi Treaty Concluded with the British authority, in December 11, 1884 In Zeila

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The Gadabursi Treaty Concluded with the British authority, in December 11, 1884

 We, the undersigned Elders of the Gadabursi tribe, are desirous of entry into an agreement with the British Government for the maintenance of our independence, the preservation of the order, and other good and sufficient reasons.

Now it is hereby agreed and covenanted as follows:

Article I ? The Gadabursi tribe do hereby declare that they are pledged and found never to cede, sell, mortgage or otherwise give for occupation, save to the British government, any portion of the territory presently inhabited by them or being under their control.

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Why doesn’t Egypt defend Gaza militarily?

Abdul Rahman al-Rashed

By Abdul Rahman al-Rashed

Personally, I don’t think that millions of Arabs today accept the statements of sympathy, field-visit parades and diplomatic activity that are being showcased to address the aggression on Gaza.

Yet if Egypt decided to defend Gaza militarily, perhaps the political equitation would have been entirely different (even if it didn’t win). What’s more, this wouldn’t have to be a major war.

The visit Qandil paid to Gaza is not more politically significant than that of the late Omar Suleiman, head of the Egyptian intelligence during Mubarak era. The statements of condemnation don’t scare Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, who launched the attack for electoral purposes and challenged the new Egyptian regime for the purpose of determining the balance of power of their relations and to define its limits on the ground (since, let’s not forget, there is a peace treaty between the two countries).

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