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An Open Letter to Somaliland President H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud

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Dear Mr. President,


My name is Mr. Noah Arre and I like to send you and Somaliland my warmest greetings.


Secondly, Mr. President, please know that as the citizens of Somaliland everywhere we constantly follow its daily news hoping it for permanent peace and tranquility. And certainly, without peace and stability, any country is doomed to fail.



Mr. President, please also know that I was one of the critics of the Rayale administration for many reasons including its failure to do something about the heinous crime whose perpetrators to date remain at large. And certainly I do not hope your administration also fails to apprehend and hand such criminals the punishment they deserve. The reason is because they slaughtered innocent citizens in a broad day light on the national road between Dilla and Gabiley and have additionally recently killed an innocent father and his son in their own home and in their midnight sleep; crimes Somaliland has never seen even during the height of the civil wars!



Furthermore, Mr. President it is important to realize that ugly crimes like those have the potential to put the whole existence of the country in jeopardy and Somaliland which was described by many as “… the peaceful island in the burning sea…” or ‘… the little country that could…” will lose credibility. And therefore, your administration should take decisive actions to deal with them. And strangely the perpetrators are high ranking government officials.


However, please know that the peoples of Baki and Gabiley are brothers and sisters; they are uncles and aunts; they all share blood and bone; they were always of the same mold and will remain to be so for years to come and similarly those of Kalshale are come what may! It is important to value that; Mr. President!


However, it is equally important to realize that a few hate-mongers in the communities are planting seeds of hate and poison to milk their dirty fruits. In the name of the tribe they kill; in the name of the tribe they rob; but in the name of the clan they achieve their goals to prosper.


And in conclusion, Mr. President, I hope that your administration with the help of the respective community leaders, finds a credible lasting solution. But please know that the land branded as Ceelbardaale is NOT one farm. It is NOT two or three or four; it is more than a 40 square kilometer area that was wrongly branded as such for known reasons.


And last but not least; Mr. President, I hope you are the Messiah who establishes and leaves a credible lasting legacy behind after his tenure. I hope your administration, like its predecessor, does not become paralyzed by a few interest groups. And I hope that Somaliland peace and tranquility do not dash away under your watch!


Thank you, Mr. President!

Noah Arre

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