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We could not reach an agreement therefore, we make a vote

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I appreciate the parliamentary members of Somaliland who had proposed a change of their leadership .Over 44 members had issued this agenda, while the few members who left behind are just barking and misjudged their evil doings. Five years ago the parliamentary members passed the following agenda: That the spokes person of the parliamentary ought to removed a vote of 55 while the presidential post can loose his positions a vote of 43 only.


Of course such type of agenda not debated well since there were some certain hidden motives. We can encounter problems where one wrong decision could have long term effects and lead to severe mistakes. Fortunately the former president Mr. Rayale was even more clever and diplomatic, and when ever the members of the parliamentary raise an issue of “Impeachment” he made maneuvers against such agendas and their vote dropped down to few( in this way he finished his 5 year’s term ). So far the new president H.E.Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo is watching passively and declines to comment the current crisis of the MPs and the agenda of the debate.

Our experience show us that it is no good in having group decision makers, because if every thing goes well, every member would feel proud  of such a decision. But if every thing goes wrong, no body is responsible and every one would say:” it was not me. it was the committee’s decision”. When such agenda become critical some of the members would say, “we could not reach an agreement from this point, therefore we make a vote”. The committee members who are wishing just to vote are those who are not able to contribute to the decision making process, therefore should not be trusted with an important decision.

There are three types of people in the universe:

1.    Those people who let it happen.
2.     Those who make it happen.
3.     Those who wonder what happened

My colleague readers will try to figure out what type of people our MPs can be! Lastly I would like to give some advice to my MPs;

1-     The Somaliland parliamentary should resolve their difference through good reasoning and dialogue.

2-     Group supporting should replaced by a sense of nation-building guided by a clear decision.

3-     Our MPs.should first recognize the root of the problem and address properly.

Somaliland community are watching your movements, so please keep focusing the direction of the people’s wishes.

By Dr.Abdi.Elmi Obsiiye  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Borama, Awdal, S/land