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What engages my heart invites my attention. By Ahmed Abib Hayir

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Even in the noonday of life, we live in the shadows of death. Like the recent earthquakes here in Borama, my home city, the ground shakes under feet, may be ready to crack open at any moment.

This is the case though we still struggle to see shining moments in the darkest of time. We have goals to ensure and dreams to go after. On our ways to realize dreams nothing is ever certain. Life is full of the unpredictable! Sorrow and happiness do take turns. At times, the past you reject awaits ahead, the future you suspect holds your destiny and the fate you fear haunts your memory. And some other times, you stand on your feet to see above the heads and beyond false images. You then see your destiny. On the flattened landscape of your heart, you see the ends of the roads and hope to meet your dreams. On the way to realize dreams, if you are unable to come to terms with a loss, you either give up in the depth of misery or patiently preserve with the earnest courage to reach to the end. And if you ensure success, you are either more demonstrative in your pride or set ahead inspired with a consuming passion. All in all, however, the road to success must have the enduring tolerance to strengthen commitment for a meaningful end.

Last January, in this dying year 2010, when I started to write my third book, I was unable to resist that pulling force of sweet expectations. Impatient in my desire to finish my work, I had to experience the painful gab between my capable heart to reach the end and the opposing magnitude of the limits to overstep. To curb my excitement was an emotional struggle itself; yes excessive appetite, a response to my sensory overload. Soon after I had only been writing a very short time, my pen started to shape my thoughts and the course of my subject too. Recently in November, 2010, when I felt fully convinced that I have come to end of the road, my heart is wholly engaged in what lessons I have learned from this journey to write my third book successfully. This accomplishment is an inspiring contribution though, what makes the most persistent meaning for me are the underlying secrets I stumbled upon on my way to realize my dream.

On one hand, I have come to learn the infinite powers and blessings our God bestowed on man. Deep down in our souls there lies our competence. One can achieve much more than expectations. I hold faith in my beliefs that integrate, rational and thoughtful people can shape destiny and breach the unbreakable barrier which is our inner doubts. On the other hand, I have learned to love much more. Life is an upward mobility with the moral touch and the supportive energy we share in common.  And without the love of your people in all ways nothing seems counting. I owe much of my accomplishment to my Somali identity. I have learnt that my Somali language and culture is ever rich with guiding universal wisdoms. I love Somali people, my people, people I belong to. And the number one quality I love myself is that I am Somali. Finally, I have learnt to appreciate what meaning above cause humanity carries in this global world. Now, even whatsoever that takes hold in my heart and mind, it is all like I have had many lessons to learn, I have had many feelings to experience, I have had many hopes to envision and I have had much love to hold after all.

The pen of Ahmed Abib Hayir
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