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A wake up call to Awbarre community in the Diaspora

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Somali communities in the Diaspora are more in number and are seen to play their role in helping their relatives back home. It is evident that any family who has got a relative abroad are economically well off when compared to those who do not have, although there are many who have zero contribution to their families and are in desperate situation .

The collective collaboration of the Diaspora from the same Region or District can change the lives of many back home and a living example of the achievements is that of Amoud foundation to mention one. The issue of concern is how committed are the communities in the Diaspora to Serve for the interest and well Being of the People Back home that will either bear fruits Leave them lonely .

Awbarre District is one of the Districts of Jijiga Zone of Somali Regional state of Ethiopia, it is the Most Populous district in Somali Region and an estimated population of three hundred fifty thousand live in the district. The people in the District are mostly Agro-pastoralists depending on cultivation of crops and rearing livestock.

It is clear that a district having this number of population needs all facilities of education, Health, agriculture related facilities and all other development facilities. Thanks to the Somali Regional State government, the District is one of the leading Districts in development if not the first.

There are more than five secondary Schools and more than hundred primary schools that produce thousands of students, the district is known by all to be a home of academics and educated. There are thousands of university graduates from Awbarre that are now serving in all corners of the Region.

The Health facilities in the District are good and giving service to many, there are four health centres and more than forty Health Posts that are functional.

The agricultural sector is also doing well and more animal health posts are functioning currently. A large number of agricultural experts are working in the different Villages of the District.

It was only a week ago when the President of the Region has visited The District to inaugurate a Health facility at Jaarre Village; in his inaugural speech the president has mentioned that the people in Awbarre are role model to all people in the region in all aspects of live. He stated that they are real patriots in development that deserve to be example to others.

The president has reiterated that the fathers and mothers of awbarre district deserve respect and honour for they have sent their children to School. He said that the people in the district are very competitive and for every family there is at least one or two university Graduate and after occupying all the needs at Awbarre , the graduates from Awbarre are serving in all districts of the region.

All this achievement is missing the role of the Diaspora community from Awbarre District and that is why I tried to pass this message to all those personalities in the Diaspora to play their role in making Awbarre District attain its goal in getting rid of poverty.

It is my expectation that the Awbarre community in the Diaspora will wake up and join hands together for the betterment of the people back home. Investment opportunities are high and need to be seen.

At last but not least, I would like to say wake up again and again to participate in the development of your District and that of the country in general.
Hussien Mohamed Yusuf

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