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Open Letter to Matt Baugh, The Newly Appointed British Ambassador to Somalia

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Dear Matt,
Re – The London Somalia Conference
Congratulations on your new appointment and I welcome you to our country with open arms. With your assistance, once Somalia finally solves her problems, I promise that you will be working with one of the most wonderful societies in Africa with great culture and selfless hospitality.
To capitalise on the recent achievements by the joint Somalia - Amisom armies, Britain is in a unique position at the London Somalia Conference to end the stalemate in the Horn of Africa country. To ensure a successful conference, a comprehensive governance plan is needed in order to put Somalia’s failed state status on the history shelves.
Britain has the opportunity to do just that. Britain must apply a Sierra Leone style pressure to spoilers of peace and statehood in Somalia. We can’t afford any more let down in the offensive against the Shabab and others. A new diplomatic offensive on Somaliland must also be waged at LSC. A peace within an area of Somalia is not a just peace without a closure to the political arrangements.
We know that there are no Habar Gidir clan fighting the Abgaal in Benadir and no Harti clan engages the Mareehaan in the Juba Valley. There are no combat between Habar Jelo and Habar Yonis in Burao and warlords became history long time ago. There is no strong Qanyare manning the check points in the capital anymore therefore, short-listing the Somalia crisis to only two elements is not that difficult.
I short listed Somalia’s numerous symptoms which prevented her from establishing a functioning governance system to only two sticking wounds:
Alshabab and Somaliland.
Tell me if there is a major third element which obstructs future Somali central administration in reaching to every region within Somalia. I recognise, however, a third minor frustrating point: The so called Somali Parliamentarians. But this largely semi illiterate so called Parliamentarians can be told to leave the chamber at once - they should not be a problem since we can simply withdraw their monthly allowances.
At the conference in London however, we need to close the Somalia deal – and close it now. We have never been closer to solving the Somalia quagmire - the wind is blowing towards settlement and prosperity. I strongly believe that peaceful and healthy Somalia - a Somalia without pirates, terrorisms and warlords can come out of the LSC only and only if the final nail is hammered to the Somalia crisis: expel the Shabab and deliver Somaliland to the table.
In order to achieve this, Somaliland leaders must be told in no uncertain terms that they must join in the final peace process while we open several fronts to keep the pressure on the Shabab to expel them from all the territories they currently hold.
In fact those who invented the idea of the division of Somalia are equally responsible for the disintegration of the Somali nation. They depressed the Somali nation right from the start with their proclamation of separate imaginary state in some parts of the north. Furthermore, the former warlords flourished in the South of the country and started their long and protracted anarchy from the desperation of ‘where Somalia headed if the country is divided’.
Therefore, Somaliland leaders must be told to renounce their false dreams of a separate state and take part in this final peace process - to make Somalia peaceful and united. A Sierra Leone style all inclusive and comprehensive solution must be applied at the conference in London. No more engagements and no more appeasements to those who dream of imaginary states such as the so called Somaliland in the north and the prehistoric Wahabists anarchist across Somalia.
The Shabab must be wiped out of the map of Somalia - thanks to Amisom this is already happening. But the pressure must be kept on Somaliland – the division of Somalia must be rejected at the conference. If Amisom and the Somali Transitional Government build on the momentum to eradicate the Shabab and the LSC tells Somaliland to join in the peace process, a free Somalia can join the family of nations by the end of this spring.
Abdul Ghelleh  -  Djibouti
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