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The Pseudo-Democratic State of Somaliland Is on the Verge of Collapse

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Somaliland has enjoyed a relative degree of stability for the last 20 years, despite intermittent tribal conflicts and political tension that remain and is still simmering in the east and the west of the country. The problem originated from unbalanced ethnic-based consociation, inequality and discrimination created and left unresolved for a long time by the so-called politicians within the government.
Today’s statesmen, who are comprised of yesteryears henchmen of Siad Barre and a group of SNM guerrillas of yesterday, have incited the tribes each other for they have implanted the seeds of hatred, mistrust and suspicion between them by using divide and rule policy. They have pampered certain clans by providing them government jobs, contracts, community capacity building projects and infrastructure, which are only limited to Hargeysa, Burco and Berebera.
These development programs were granted in order to get political support from them; while, on the hand, other clans were marginalized and even deprived of their constitutional rights as citizens.
The Tribes in either end of Somaliland, as a result, have complained of brutal discrimination by the Isaaq rule, who dominate 80% of the administration.
For example, key ministerial posts such as: Interior minister, finance and  foreign affairs were appointed to Isaaq, as they have also taken high-ranking officials in the Army, Police and Navy, including the two chairmen of the upper and the lower house. Above all, even the president is the same stock.
The authorities of Somaliland did not respond to these complaints as yet, nor will they endorse it wholeheartedly to make corrections in the future. But their silence, apparently, implies that they are not ready to do any better when it comes to inequality and the power sharing which are the key issues and the core of the problem.
Government officials, on one hand, brag about, how they have succeeded to thwart peace and stability in the country, the achievement they have made in the democratization process and other catch phrases intended to grab the world attention, in order to get recognition from the international community, specially, when they go to Europe and the West for official visits. While, On the other hand, people in ASG (Awdal, Salal, Gabiley) and SSC regions believe that Somaliland didn’t deserve international recognition at present, as long as there are barbaric crimes against humanity in the country.
A good example of this is the genocide that took place in Kalabaydh and Seemaal recently. In addition, they believe that Somaliland’s secession from Somalia is nothing more than a fool’s paradise and a Pseudo-democratic state run by an ill-fated coalition of an aggressive bunch of SNM tribal chauvinists and the erstwhile terror tools (Nabadsugid) of the late dictator of Somalia, Siad Barre.
Due to, these political and ideological differences between the tribes in Somaliland, people in ASG and SSC regions have announced autonomous states, which are totally separate from Somaliland. Each region formed a government consisting of a president, cabinet ministers and an ad hoc executive committee dedicated reunion with of Somalia soon.
Consequently, Somaliland has attached Buuhoodle, a province in Khaatumo state, last week, killed dozens of civilians and wounded others among them elderly people, women and children.
In retaliation, SSC militia attached Somaliland forces, killed many and recaptured a vast area in Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions for the last couple of days that was in the hands of Somaliland previously and the war is still ongoing.
In Awdal region, nothing of political significance has occurred, but it is believed that the people in this area are engaged in accumulation of arms and army to get the control f their land and put Somaliland in the garbage. Somaliland has, indeed, sustained political setback after these two groups, who has gained momentum ever since, have proclaimed their unconditional unification with Somalia and formed separate governments from Somaliland.
Further, the president of Somaliland, Mr. Siilaanyo and his vice-president Mr. Saylici, who is from ASG are reportedly in loggerhead on matters relating to the political scenario of the country, the constitutional rights, for the existing one is insignificant as it was tailored to the choice of the late president Cigal, as well as the power sharing.
Finally, Awdal and khaatumo states await the forthcoming apocalypse upon Somaliland and its disintegration soon; whereas Somaliland looks forward recognition from the international community. In my opinion, unless Somaliland acts now to mend the strained relations of all tribes, and share the power justly between the them, then, all is lost.

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