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RE: The Disintegration and the Decline of Samaroon Dynasty

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The disintegration and the DECLINE of Samaroon dynasty is something that’s quite worrying which none of us can ignore and unless our so called leaders e.g Sultans, Politicians, intellectuals and most importantly our Youth do not acknowledge this, we will be responsible for our own DEMISE.

Today, our people are at a cross roads. We are culturally divided and could not even agree on a simple matter of the UGAAS’ legitimacy which in my opinion brought out the worst in our people and shed some light to the huge division in our community. Community cohesion has but totally collapsed.

We are politically divided on whether the long/short term interest of our people lies with Somaliland or Awdal state which the latter in my opinion is untenable even illogical to a point. And the idea of us sticking to Somaliland has frankly just made us nothing but a laughing stock for the simple reason that Isaaq has taken our support for granted and the idea of us seceding from Somaliland has never crossed their mind.

We are politically, economically and strategically disadvantaged. Politically because, there is no single notable Samaroon politician that’s independent who can stand his ground and fight for the rights of his people or even for his for that matter. And whether it’s in Somaliland, Somalia, Jabouti or Ethiopia (Kilinka 5aad ) there is no notable position thats being held by a Samaroon Individual except for Saylici who in all seriousness, is no more than a ceremonial figure. We just dont have a political clout what so ever in all of the regions that Samaroon people are scattered across.

Economically because we simply don’t have a port to call our own, our road infrastructure is in its infant stage, our trade with outside regions and countries, e.g Djibouti and Ethiopia is almost non existent, unfortunately there is no single factory that produces anything of noteworthy and the majority of  people with business acumen have relocated to Hargeisa .
Strategically because we just could not or would not build or rebuild our cities, towns and villages and I honestly believe the latter is true. Other than Borama, there is no other city or town that’s worthy of retaining it’s status as a city or even a town for that matter . Boon, Baki, Dilla, Lughaya, Lawyacado, and most importantly the mighty Zaylac are no more than a glorified ghost towns.

What’s worrying and unfortunate, is the unawareness of the majority of Samaron people of the fact that even the actual ownership of some of those aforementioned towns and degaan are hotly contested by other clans, reason being we SIMPLY DID NOT Put our mark on those Lands. Expansion to our territories from other clans is gaining momentum as the years go bye and this has had a massive effect on our ability and will to secure and maintain the safety and security of our people and land……..!!!!

What is more worrying than any of those tragedies I mentioned above is the sad state of Samaroon mentality….It has the characteristics of inferior complex written all over it, a Conformist, Dhiidh laba shidh lay ah, Nacamle, a Yes Man that is Us today..What makes you think that Samaroon are sentient and aware?

There’s no evidence for it. Samaroon people never think for themselves, they find it too uncomfortable. For the most part, members of our clan simply repeat and do what they are told - and become upset if they are exposed to any different view. The characteristic Samaroon trait is not awareness but conformity, and the characteristic result is becoming subservient. But at a time when our behaviour may well lead us to extinction, I see no reason to assume we have any awareness at all. We are inanimate, self-destructive conformists. Any other view of our clan is a self-congratulatory delusion….

Waxaynu taaganahay heer maanta wax Dad kale ama Nin kale Oo qayrkeen ah soo Abaabushay mooyee wax kale oo Inaku aan soo samaysanay aynan kuba kalsoonayn in aan samaynsan karo, Qabashadeedna iskaba dhaaf……..To simply put, Hami La’aanta iyo Han yaraanta Dadkeena iyo Tolkeen ayaa maanta wax kasta oo ina haysta ka daran and a fine example of this is the recent mad rush to create political parties in Somaliland.

There must have been over 15 if not more Political Parties which has been established in the last year alone and NOT a single one of those parties were a Borama based or were  a Samaron Initiative . And when  a handful of those parties decided to go to Borama and open their offices there,  what took place  and how the  leaders of those parties were welcomed in Borama in a style of ( Guul wadayntii siyaad bare ) was nothing short of down right disgrace and embarrassment.  

You might ask why, but look at this way….Are we only cut out for (Camiraad )  aggrandizing some other man’s project?  How was it possible for Reer Borama to line up the streets of Borama, and even worse, sometimes lining up on the roads, in the scorthcing sun which are miles outside the city for a mere individual who is a self declared leader of a political party? which in reality is a political party of a certain  “beesha dhexe” sub-clan or even lower and will only serve the interest of that sub clan.

How do you explain when the majority of Samaroon youth have pledged allegiances to those political parties so naively and short-sightedly  on International Television, when in fact they could have easily  established and declared their own Political Parties?

“Waa Suaalo Da’ Waa Waynoo, Madaxa Daalinaysee.”

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